A logo says a lot about an organization. You might have seen our logo and wondered what it means. We wanted a logo that stands for the things that matter to us. As a brand that is dedicated to helping people to improve their communication in all walks of life, and to recognize the value of individuals coming together as a team, we knew that we needed a symbol of communication and harmony. We carefully chose the symbol for our logo so that it would reflect our values, which is why our logo features an Inukshuk. If you’ve never heard of an Inukshuk before, here’s what the symbol means and why we chose it to represent our brand.

Inukshuk” is an Inuit word that means “in the image of man”. As you might be able to tell from our logo, it is a structure made of stones. These structures were built for several purposes, including to communicate direction in the tough conditions of the Arctic. Inuit people build them as signposts, and they would provide coordination points, help with hunting and navigation, and act as message centres. They are a physical guide, as well as a spiritual guide. They can be found in northern Canada, Greenland and Alaska, and are also associated with other people in the Arctic region of North America.

Inukshuks are made of individual parts, but they all work in harmony together. Each stone is separate from the other, but they all need to support each other. They’re all equally important, and the stones working together give the structure its strength. We think this is true of people too. We all have our positive qualities and unique things to contribute, and when we work together in unity, we can be even stronger. When we’re a team, everyone plays their part and supports each other. Working towards common goals, we all become part of a greater whole. Our aim at Evolve Shenpa is to work together with you towards a common goal, aligning your priorities to improve your future.

The stones of the Inukshuk are also carefully balanced. They are carefully selected so that they fit well together, and if one of the stones were to be removed, the whole structure would no longer remain intact. This is the same as with a team, where each individual plays an important part in reaching the team’s goals. If one person were no longer there, the team wouldn’t work as smoothly. When we work together, we can be stronger, and if an element of the team is missing, the team is weaker. Everyone’s individual skills will complement each other to create a team that provides all of the things required to meet their goals.

The Inukshuk is the symbol on our logo because it’s a symbol of communication, and it’s a symbol of the human spirit. They reflect our ability and need to seek success collaboratively, especially when we wouldn’t be able to do so alone. Both what you can contribute personally and the way that you can help to work towards a common goal are just as important. They also serve as a reminder of our need to belong to and be close to something greater than ourselves.

The Inukshuk speaks to us as a symbol of our dependence on each other and how we share our concerns and opinions with each other. We have chosen the Inukshuk to represent our values because of its history as a waymarker and something that offers guidance and conveys a message. It is the ideal vehicle to recognize and acknowledge our enlightened management and human resources practices. They highlight the importance of bringing forth a personal contribution, responsible leadership in any environment, and the need to communicate with each other on a higher level about what really matters.

We want everyone to know that they are making a difference, whether it’s in their jobs, to their colleagues or in any areas of their life where they decide to dedicate their time, energy, enthusiasm and compassion. By using the Inukshuk as the prominent symbol in our logo, we want to remind everyone that their efforts are appreciated, and that the difference that we make today counts in all of our tomorrows.

When you join one of our courses or partner with us for consulting and guidance, we will work together with you to reach a common goal – to improve your communication skills and focus on your priorities so that you can improve your tomorrows.