The Process Communication Model (PCM) is a behaviour-based method that improves self-awareness and self-management skills, as well as the ability to manage others. This communication tool is evidence-based, and has been used across many industries and organisations, including by NASA when selecting and training astronauts. The PCM course teaches you a range of communication skills that you can use throughout your career and in a variety of workplaces and personal relationships.

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The Process Communication Model was created by Dr Taibi Kahler and is based on the appropriate ways to respond to productive and unproductive behaviour (successful and unsuccessful communication). PCM has been researched for more than 30 years. It provides a method of understanding communication dynamics, how life events impact people, and different personality structures. Process Communication Model helps you to understand not just other people’s behaviour, but your own behaviour too. It gives you the tools that you need to analyse conflict and communicate effectively.

PCM Seminars

PCM 1 – Core Concepts

A three-day workshop on the core concepts of PCM. Develop skills for a more powerful connection with the people around you, atop a platform of game-changing self-awareness. The perfect primer for our further workshops.

PCM 2 – Conflict Resolution and Motivation

A premium three-day workshop on conflict resolution and motivation. Delve deeper into the signals and behaviors of people in distress. Learn how to masterfully invite yourself and others out of destructive scenarios, and ultimately how to prevent them. Enjoy a range of more practical exercises that develop your confidence with your enhanced communication skills.

Consider taking the Leading Out of Drama course after completing the PCM program.


online or face to face options

Group or individual

Key2ME –  Become the master of your mindset, emotions and motivation.  Understand yourself better to harness your strengths and be clear about what helps keep you motivated.

Communication Essentials –  Learn how to assess behavioural cues and decode preferred perceptual filters and ways to communicate. Adapt your communication to improve the quality of your interaction and connections. Learn how to recognise the early warning signs of miscommunication, and how to intervene and steer conversations toward positive outcomes.

Miscommunication and Distress Essentials –  In pressure situations, or when we’re not in a good place, it is invaluable to understand what is really going on beneath the surface if we are to intervene before things deteriorate and conflicts get out of control. This module will give you a deeper understanding of how conflicts evolve and teach you to recognize the range of sequences that foreshadow them. You’ll gain the ability to apply strategies that restore healthy communication and behavior, while practicing proactive strategies to help people, including yourself, to function at their best.

Personality Structure and Motivation EssentialsIn PCM we don’t talk about types of people, we talk about types within a person. We have all types in us to a varying degree. In this module we learn about the characteristics of each type, and recognise and appreciate their qualities and strengths. Based on that knowledge you will be able to customise your interaction style, leadership style, and motivation strategies for each type.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”