We Provide

Courses in Communication Training and Conflict resolution

Team and Individual Mindset and Leadership Coaching.

Support to businesses and corporations to provide inhouse coaching, facilitation, communication training and personality needs and management mentoring.

Courses available:

  • Process Communication Model (PCM)
  • Leading Out of Drama (LOD)

Effective communication is vital to our daily interactions in our professional and personal lives.  It can be critical in avoiding serious errors in healthcare and aviation as examples of high-pressure industries.
Our programs and training options focus on giving you the communication tools required to build and participate in successful work and social environments.

In the medical field, conflict can occur in many different situations. For example, meeting the demands of patients, their families, or carers and interactions with co-workers can present major challenges.  The right communication skills and conflict resolution skills can help anyone to address these challenges in the right way to get the best outcomes. They are also applicable in other industries, and even in your personal life. Recognizing conflict can be about not just external conflict, but internal conflict too.

You might think that you’re not very good at handling conflict, or perhaps you think that you can already manage conflict well and want to improve your skills. Taking a course in PCM or LOD will help you to grow your skills and approach conflict in a new way. It doesn’t matter which one you do first; both are complementary. One approach may be to take the PCM course first and then expand on what you have learned with the LOD course. PCM and LOD are distinct skills to learn and can be used together very effectively.

"Coaching isn't therapy, it's product development, with you as the product."
- fast company